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New York's Best Pizza
"Thin-Crust Sicilian Topped with Fresh Garden Basil"

 From downtown Manhattan on Wall Street to Park Avenue in midtown, Jiannetto's Pizza Trucks serve an award winning Grandma Thin-Crust Sicilian Pie and are recognized as one of the best offered in New York!

Jiannetto's started with one truck on Wall Street in 1998 and has grown in size and popularity since. Today, three trucks share the streets delivering good food for reasonable prices in New York City


Here's what others are saying about Jiannetto's:

New York Magazine NY
...But this year, thanks to the recent revival of the relatively rare grandma-style pie and impressive work by a fleet of Staten Island–based pizza trucks, some of our favorite slices turned out to be four-sided and fabulous. ...The best of the motorized competition, this oven-outfitted truck vends exceedingly crisp grandma-style sauce-lover’s slices to a grateful desk-jockey crowd.
Serious Eats SE
...The overall effect? Simple, pleasing, authentic flavors on a substantial crust, the breadiness of which, despite its thickness, did not dominate the slice. This is not a "classic NY slice" — no mozzarella holding it together — but a tasty, affordable lunch option — very welcome in the nabe.

Interview Magazine

All the dish: eight reasons New Yorkers are taking to the streets
by Brad Goldfarb

Proving you only need to do one thing well to build a business, Jiannetto's has developed a following, serving one of the best slices of Sicilian pizza on the island of Manhattan. Forget fancy toppings like artichokes or even pepperoni--Jiannetto's is for the classicist, and the pizza here comes one way: thin crusted with a molten layer of mozzarella, topped with homemade tomato sauce, and crowned with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Emblazoned across the truck are the words "Grandma's pizza." And you believe it.


The New York Sun

New York's Food Trucks Are on a Roll
July 2008

Jiannetto's Pizza Truck (jiannettospizza.com)
Joe Jiannetto has been slinging his thin-crust, Sicilian-style pizza and other Italian favorites to hungry Manhattan lunchgoers for over 10 years. The inside of Jiannetto's fleet of red and white trucks look and function exactly like any other favorite hole-in-the wall pizza shop: pies ready to be slipped inside a stainless steel oven and irresistible garlic knots itching to grease up the inside of a paper bag. The pizza itself, however, is unmistakable. Jiannetto's offers only one type of pizza — square slices covered with only a sweet basil sauce ("my grandma's recipe," Mr. Jiannetto insisted) and a minimalist shake of cheese. Beginning with one truck on Wall Street, Jiannetto's has blossomed into a mini-pizza truck dynasty, with two additional locations in Midtown. The long line of customers outside the trucks proves that New Yorkers need not a glut of toppings to enjoy a good slice of pizza. As for Mr. Jiannetto: He said he rarely has time to eat lunch, but always "heads home after work for a big dinner."



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ABC News Coverage - June 2006

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Jiannetto's Pizza Truck wrapped for an Entourage event.



The truck was wrapped for two months promoting the syndication of the series on CW 11
and there were also 2 free food giveaway days.
Any of our pizza trucks are available for custom wrapping.
Please contact Joe Jiannetto at 917-753-0819 or via email admin@jiannettospizza.com

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